Aug 21, 2014


Episode 12: Freshman Bible Study

Episode 12: Freshman Bible Study

In this episode, Chad Logan shares about the Freshman Bible Study he authored – which will be released on the Collective next week. The study includes both leader and student editions, and is tailor-made for strategically impacting freshmen during this most pivotal season of their lives.

Chad Logan // @ChadLogan – Campus Pastor at Cross Pointe Mill Creek; Atlanta, GA –

Notable Points:

  • The first 3 weeks of freshman year are the most important weeks in their life. They establish rhythms and set trajectory in all
  • The freshman year of college is the first moment in a person’s life where they truly experience independence – making it an exciting and unpredictable time.
  • “Students connect where they connect.”
  • Goal of the study is to be a strategic facilitator of discussion in the context of freshman groups.
  • Content of the Freshman Study covers: Time Mgmt, College Relationships, Taboos, Dating, Apologetics, Making Decisions and the Will of God.

Links we talked about:

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“Exponential” by Dave and Jon Ferguson

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Chad Logan

Chad currently serves as the Campus Pastor at Cross Pointe Mill Creek; Atlanta, GA. Prior to that, he was the BCM Director at Arkansas State University