Sep 18, 2014


Episode 16: Will You Engage? Utilizing Engage24 to Share the Gospel on Campus

Rob Warren and Chase Abner give tips on preparing for Engage24, and share experiences and stories from around the country of how ministries have implemented the Engage24 concept on campus.

Rob Warren
// @RJ_Warren – Pastor at h2o Church; Bowling Green, OH –

Chase Abner // @chaseabner – Collegiate Evangelism Strategist; Illinois Baptist State Association –

Notable Points:

  • Ideas leading up to Engage24:
    • Equip leaders and students to articulate the gospel.
    • Use week leading up to Engage24 as a “Big Push” toward mobilizing students to share.
    • Encourage students to pray about relationships they already have, and consider who they should share the gospel with on Engage24.
  • Ideas on the day of Engage24:
    • Prayer gathering to kick-off the morning.
    • Send staff on campus at designated times to share in pairs with students who may be more timid.
  • One Big Idea: There is no one method or model that is required. The goal is to create a culture of evangelism among students, whatever that looks like in your context.
  • Steps to prepare for Engage24:
    • 1. Train: Equip leaders and students to clearly articulate the gospel.
    • 2. Model: As the leader, engage in sharing the gospel yourself.
    • 3. Pray: For campus. For opportunities. For leaders to be raised up among your students to share.
    • 4. Execute: Make it as easy as possible for students to participate.

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about the author

Rob Warren

Rob is currently a Church Planter with the Salt Network. Rob has been a part of the h2o Church Network in Bowling Green and is currently living in Ames, Iowa with his wife Lisa and his two kids.

about the author

Chase Abner

Chase is the Lead Church Planting Catalyst in Iowa with the North American Mission Board and music geek.