Nov 06, 2014


Episode 23: Known and Trusted- Ministry to the whole campus community

Victor Thomas, from The Point Church in Vancouver, shares wisdom and advice on becoming a minister to the whole campus – faculty and staff included – and the dividends that can pay in reaching students.

Victor Thomas // The Point Church, Vancouver, B.C. // @VictorFThomas

Notable Points:

  • If you want to be involved on a campus you have to spend time beforehand to pray and learn the context.
  • Practical way to find persons of peace: Walk around campus in systematic way and introduce self to faculty and staff. Become a “known and trusted face.”
  • If we want to reach the whole campus, we must realize that faculty and staff are part of that. Start by looking for ways to serve them, not just how they may help you launch your ministry.
  • If faculty and staff know you have the best interest of the students and university at heart, it develops trust that translates to freedom to reach students.
  • When students catch the vision of appreciating and valuing university staff, it transforms their perspective of their place in the campus community.

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Victor Thomas

Pastor of The Point Church, Vancouver, B.C.