Dec 11, 2014


Episode 28: Leadership Succession – Passing the Baton Well

Robbie Nutter, Director of Christian Challenge at Kansas State University, recounts his transition into leadership, and shares principles for those in ministry who are in the middle of leadership succession.

Robbie Nutter
// Director, Christian Challenge KSU, Manhattan, KS // @RobbieNutter   @KSUChallenge

Notable Points:

  • Whenever someone replaces a “legend” in ministry, the average tenure is ~17 months. It takes work and intentional planning to truly transition leadership well.
  • When in a new leadership role, err on the side of over communication, and prioritize your staff.
  • As the tenured leader: Try to work yourself out of a job. Divide up your roles to potential successors, and “lead from the rear.”
  • As a new leader: A healthy staff is paramount to success and joy in leading.
  • Two key concepts to hold to as a leader: Clarity and Flexibility.
  • “If your mind is where your body is, you’re failing as a leader.” You must think, plan, and dream for the future.

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about the author

Robbie Nutter

Robbie Nutter lives in Manhattan, KS, where he serves as the Director of Christian Challenge at Kansas State University. Robbie has served in campus ministry for 17 years. He enjoys sports, reading (especially biographies), and wishes he had more time to fish. He and his wife Gail have 3 children, and they're thinking of replacing their front door with a revolving one, as there is constant traffic in and out of the house with Challenge, kids, family, and neighborhood activities.