Dec 18, 2014

Develop, Multiply

Episode 29: The Well at h2o Church – Kickstarting the Discipleship Process

How can college ministries practice transformational discipleship that multiplies leaders quickly? Set the bar high, and start early. In this episode, Rob Warren shares how h2o church at Bowling Green State University has done that through The Well discipleship experience, with phenomenal results.

Rob Warren
// Pastor, h2o Church, Bowling Green, OH // @RJ_Warren,

Notable Points:

  • Collegiate ministries are inherently sending ministries. Developing and deploying leaders quickly is crucial.
  • The Well is a discipleship experience that happens once per semester and primes the pipeline for developing new student leaders.
  • The six discipleship distinctives taught in The Well:
    • Week 1: A Follower, not a Fan
    • Week 2: A New Creation – The Gospel Changes Everything
    • Week 3: A Student – Spiritual Disciplines
    • Week 4: A Servant Leader – Spiritual Gifts
    • Week 5: A Connector – To God, To Believers, To Others
    • Week 6: A Disciple-Maker – Missional Living
  • Everyone in The Well is expected to attend teaching times, be part of a small group, participate in 1-on-1 mentoring, and serve within the church.
  • By starting The Well in the second week of the semester, students learn to incorporate intentional discipleship into their natural rhythms.
  • Following completion of The Well, students are invited to come to Leadership Training Group (LTG) where they are given intensely practical tools for discipleship and leading groups.
  • The goal of discipleship is transformation, not just information.

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about the author

Rob Warren

Rob is currently a Church Planter with the Salt Network. Rob has been a part of the h2o Church Network in Bowling Green and is currently living in Ames, Iowa with his wife Lisa and his two kids.