Jan 22, 2015


Episode 32: Keep it Simple: One-year discipleship plan

In an age where college students are busier than ever, how can you make sure they grasp the essentials of faith? In this episode, Steve Lutz shares a strategy for “one-year discipleship,” that focuses on creating disciples who will have the knowledge and experiences needed to be faithful Christ-followers for life.

Steve Lutz // Pastor with Calvary Church, State College, PA; Author of College Ministry in a Post Christian Culture and King of the Campus  @stephenlutz steve@calvarysc.org stephenlutz.net

Notable Points:

  • “As college students continue to be busier than ever,  we assume that we’re only going to have students around, involved, and engaged for one year. If we only have them for a year, what do we do with them?”
  • Boil down one-year teaching plan to essential topics. Because they are fundamental, everyone needs to hear them every year.
  • Core topics include: “What is the gospel?” “Connecting people to Christ, Community, and Calling”
  • College ministers need to take the long view. Are we giving them what they need to thrive 10 years down the road?
  • “Major on the Majors” and “Keep it Simple.” Good mantras for the college pastor.

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Jesus Continued by JD Greear

Essentialism by Greg McKeown

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Steve Lutz

Steve Lutz is the lead pastor of Wellspring Church in State College, PA Penn State University. He is also the author of two books, King of the Campus (2013) and College Ministry in a Post-Christian Culture (2011). He frequently speaks and writes on college ministry-related issues, and consults with college ministries across the country.

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