Jun 22, 2015


4 Reminders About the Word of God

Lance Crowell offers four reminders about the Word of God to guide your ministry to college students.

Words have always mattered to me. I have continuously been struck by their beauty, depth, strength, and power. Yet, many times we find ourselves being careless with the words that we use or say. College students today have grown up in a world where a miss-spoken utterance, a rogue tweet, or perhaps an overheard sound bite can destroy someone’s life, family, or career in an instant. Our culture has become so focused on the minutia of individual words and yet completely lost as to the narrative and the metanarrative of life.

The irony is that some spend their life proliferating phrases and ideas that truly amount to nothing, while others devote their existence to speaking truth with few accolades to show for it. Students are been intimidated into adhering to the common societal narrative. Which is one of shallow existence in a façade of fearful political correctness and a tolerance of anything but the absolutes of the Christian faith. The reward for those who pursue authenticity in this life is to often be marginalized, mocked, ostracized and sometimes even killed. I know this sounds overly dramatic. In truth, I have penned this with a heavy heart. It is plain to see, the very fabric of our culture is deviating from God’s truth like a freight train picking up speed as it goes downhill.

However, as we think of this great generation of collegiates there is hope because we serve the one true God of the universe, the maker and sustainer of all things. In order to rest in that hope, here are 4 reminders about God and his Words that we must keep in focus as we challenge leaders and collegiates in the church of this generation and the generation to come.

  1. God’s words have the power to change everything

There have been a host of great speeches, books, and incredible songs written throughout the years. Many of them have made a lasting memory in our lives, and yet none of them truly have the power to change us like the very words of God. Sometimes we forget that when we sit down with our Bible we are not sitting down with any other piece of literature in history. We are reading the very breath of God. The words are active and living and speak straight to our soul. His proclamations have the power to change the reader instantly; a transformation that lasts for eternity. They can transform the most notorious frat boy or the new young atheist. Enabling them to forsake all else and follow Christ. They never return void and always accomplish what God desires.

  1. God’s words do not change

With the importance of every utterance of God, it is essential to maintain the consistency and the purity of the word of God. Yet, today’s collegiates live in a world that loves to revise history. Our culture is actively moving to make truth relative and convenient, not an anchored reality. In other words, many Millennials believe the Bible may be truth for you but that is not truth for me. Thus, truth is arbitrary and effectively means nothing today. This even pervades the Christian culture, with leaders giving new meanings to passages that have been the same for thousands of years. The only way that the Word of God can effectively change lives rests on the fact that His truth is the same yesterday, today, and forever. As God never turns or changes, neither will his words or their true meaning.

  1. God’s words are always available and beneficial

We are privileged to live in a place where we have access to the word of God all the time. Often we read every other book about the Bible without spending time in the sacred writings that flow from the mouth of the almighty. There is tremendous power in the words of God, no matter how long ago they were penned. Our sins precipitate from a lack of faith in the promises and truths of God. When we struggle with sin, the place we don’t always want to go but need to go is the Word of God. It is both convicting and yet redemptive. The Scriptures show us our sin, but also demonstrate His salvation and hope. They cut open our hearts and remind us that all good that resides in us is from Him. We must challenge students to take advantage of every chance we have to read, study, memorize, and meditate on the words of God.

  1. God’s words will be our hope and strength in the days to come

As the next generation continues to move away from any semblance of Judeo-Christian truth, the hope and confidence we have in life will not rest in our leaders, or in anything of our own doing. It will reside exclusively on the truth of God and the promises of His very words. The peace and strength to stand tall amidst a society that will persecute and ostracize people for their beliefs comes through our hope in God. That hope is undergirded by the very words of God. It is the foundation that all of what we know and believe rests upon.

As we work with todays collegiate, the next generation of leaders, may our hearts long for the words of God and may they transform us each and every day into His image.

about the author

Lance Crowell

Lance is the Director of Discipleship Ministries and Online Training for the Southern Baptists of Texas. He formerly served as a college and young adult pastor in the Houston area.