Mar 26, 2015


Episode 41: Penetrating the Campus Pt. 1 – Campus Fishing Holes

Matt Geddie, College Minister in Ft. Worth, TX, shares how identifying and targeting several “fishing holes” on campus have helped him penetrate the TCU campus as a church-based college ministry.

Matt Geddie
// College Minister, Travis Avenue Baptist Church, Ft. Worth TX// @MatthewGeddie

Notable Points:

  • Fishing Hole #1: Student Organizations
    • Identify what student organizations your students are involved in and encourage/equip them to make disciples where they already are.
    • Look for ways to meet physical needs of students groups. “What can we do to earn an invitation from campus organizations?”
  • Fishing Hole #2: Gathering Places
    • Steps for moving your ministry from office-based, to campus based:
      • Identify a location on or near campus where students spend time
      • Schedule your meetings “on repeat” in those locations at set times
      • Celebrate wins by sharing stories of life-change with your leadership team – encouraging them to move out of the office too
  • Fishing Hole #3: University Faculty
    • When trying to bridge the gap between your ministry and campus administration, stay on their radar through building relationships and being willing to meet needs.
    • Start by identifying university faculty and staff who are members of your church and meet with them regularly to pray.

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about the author

Matt Geddie

Matt is Minister of College Students at Travis Avenue Baptist Church in Ft. Worth, TX.