Apr 02, 2015


Episode 42: Penetrating the Campus Pt. 2 – Reaching International Students

In this episode, Keith Garner highlights the challenges and opportunities in reaching international students from a church-based college ministry, and how these principles are applicable for anyone in college ministry.

Keith Garner
// Associate Pastor for University and International Students, Southcrest Baptist Church, Lubbock, TX // @SouthcrestU  southcrestu.org

Notable Points:

  • Weekly free meals can be a great starting place for ministry to  international students because they become a “safe place” for sharing culture and building relationships.
  • Around 85% of international students will never set foot in an American home during their years in a U.S. college. How can you train your American students to bring international students into their lives?
  • Holidays, and other times when American students typically go home, can be a great opportunity to build relationships with international students who are still in town.

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about the author

Keith Garner

Keith serves as University and Internationals Pastor at Southcrest Baptist Church in Lubbock, Texas. Keith previously served as BSM/BCM director on multiple campuses.