May 18, 2015


9 Steps for Developing Long-Term International Partnerships // FREE DOWNLOAD

Van Simmons, of IMB Students, shares a downloadable tool to help guide you through developing long-term international  partnerships for your college ministry.

Before you get the download, read why Van says these partnerships are vital to your ministry.

Collegiate church planters, campus ministers and church-based collegiate ministers have the joy of working with some of the most responsive, challenging and creative individuals on the face of the planet. One tendency in ministry with students is to focus on those who are immediately around you on your campus or in the universities and community in drivable proximity.

If we want to be thoroughly biblical in our ministries, we need to develop ministry partnerships locally, regionally and globally. While short-term networking is important and has a place in ministry with students, long-term (3-5 years) partnerships allow for the development of trust, integration of strategy and mutuality in ministry.

Ministry flows along the lines of relationships. Trust is essential in forging a long-lasting sense of community that allows genuine communication that is foundational to effective partnership. In one sense trust takes time to develop. From trust comes the commitment to establish goals that will be significant and the perseverance to accomplish them.

A part of commitment to goals that are significant is how it allows both partners, a stateside church or campus ministry and a field partner, to integrate the skills, interests and availability that both bring to the table to be combined into strategy. Things that matter and make a difference for the Kingdom involve planning and ministry that is mutually beneficial to each partner.

In 2009, a field missionary in East Asia developed partnerships with collegiate churches/campus ministries to help free women caught in the web of sex trafficking. Six years later, dozens of college students have visited her city, distributed videos about Jesus, Bibles, literature and verbally told of the freedom that comes through knowing Jesus. Students have also prayed, advocated on behalf of this ministry, and sacrificially given money to create a safe house for those who want to escape sexual slavery and a bakery to provide an alternative job skill for these women. The funds that students and these churches/campus ministries provided have enabled women to hear, respond in faith to the liberating news of God’s love through Jesus, and be connected to others who follow Him. In turn the lives of those connected to this partnership have found the depth of their walk with Christ and commitment to the church strengthened. This is the power of long-term international partnership!

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Van Simmons

Van is a student strategist for the International Mission Board and has more than 30 years experience in collegiate ministry.