Apr 04, 2016


If Admin Ain’t Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy

University administration officials are the gatekeepers to the campus, and to the people collegiate ministries are trying to reach. The administration can have a real effect on a ministries access to, and activities on, the campus. Ministries must be intentional about building and maintaining favorable relationships with administration officials. In this video, three collegiate church planters share their positive experiences, challenges, and keys for success when it comes to working alongside university administration.


Drew Worsham (Resonate Church Network- Pullman, Wa)

Paul Fiske (Aletheia Church James Madison – Harrisonburg, VA)

Chad Frank (H2O Kent St. University)

Key Points:

  • Taking on a servant attitude is key to creating good relationship. Serving your campus now may bear unexpected fruit down the road.
  • Help communicate the vision of a good relationship with the administration, so that they understand.
  • Serve and connect with authenticity.
  • Approach keeping the administration happy with a marathoner’s, not a sprinter’s, mindset.


Questions to consider:

  • What is your current relationship with your campus administration?
  • Are you actively working to server your campus?
  • What fruit have you seen, if any?


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