Sep 28, 2015


Bible, Community, & Mission – Free Download

Collegiate Collective brings you a free download that you can use to help students identify ways to become healthier Christians. 

Earlier this month, Salt Company‘s Mark Vance developed this diagram to explain the foundations of their ministry to new students.

bible comm mission

It was projected on screens while Mark spoke at the first weekly gathering of the semester. He explained that in order for a Christian to be most healthy, they must have a proper mix of the Bible, Christian community, and Kingdom-driven mission in their life. The diagram provides a visual representation of how have just one or two of those factors alone makes for an incomplete picture of what Christ calls his people to be.

For instance, someone who is just in community, but lacks the Bible and mission, is essentially a member of a fantasy football league. However, if that person is in a community that is focused on the Bible, but lacks mission, they are just in a holy huddle. Only when all three of those factors are present can it truly be a healthy situation for a believer.

Shortly thereafter, Chase Abner shared it via Twitter and requests started coming in for a high-res version that leaders could use in their own ministry context.

Since we’re all about sharing good, practical tools, we thought, “Why not?!” But instead of just passing along an image, we thought we’d also provide some practical suggestions for how you could use this as a tool in your collegiate ministry.

Click here to download a PDF of the diagram.

How to Use It

  • Print copies for your leadership team and ask them each to score your ministry on a scale of 1-10 for each of the three areas on the grid. Use their scores to have a conversation that identifies what your ministry does well and what areas may need some adjustment in the coming year.
  • Share the diagram with your small group leaders to use as a discussion starter to guide their group members to determine areas of growth in their own relationship with Jesus.
  • Adapt it! Make your own version using terms that fit your own context and structures. 


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