Dec 19, 2016


Winter Break Survival Kit

We’ve pulled together a handful of our resources as a survival kit to help collegiate leaders survive and maximize winter break.

It always seems to get here before we’re ready. We go hard from August to December and all of a sudden we wake up and it’s finals week. Students are packed up to leave for a month and we’re left wondering where the semester went.

The down time over winter break is so welcome. We need rest, for sure, but it’s also one of the key times in the college ministry year where we can focus on learning and development. As such, we’ve pulled together a few of our favorite pieces to help collegiate leaders during this time of year.

1. God Slowed Down at Christmas – Chris Lazo

In this piece, Chris reminds us that we serve a God who slowed down and became a baby. That’s what we celebrate at Christmas. Let’s not forget that the patience of God is worth imitating. Slow down. Rest. Enjoy the Savior.

2. When Semester Breaks Attack – Chase Abner

One of the most valuable things you can do over break is pray for your students. Many of them will spend the month away from their primary Christian community and are therefore vulnerable to spiritual attach. Chase provides some pointers on how you can serve your students over break and greet them with the Gospel when they return.

3. 5 Things to Do Over Winter Break – Paul Worcester

This is one of our all-time most popular posts on Collegiate Collective! Paul provides some excellent tips for making the most of winter break – for the sake of your soul and the sake of your ministry!

4. Don’t Fear the Numbers – Chase Abner

Here’s another post from Chase that can be encouraging to those who are coming off a semester where they didn’t quite hit the “numbers” they had hoped through their ministry. “So don’t let the numbers steal your joy and your calling. Lean into them. Let them inform your ministry. Let them guide you to your sweet spot.”

5. Collegiate Ministry is Seasonal – Steve Shadrach

What a gift Steve is to collegiate leaders! This piece will help you as you look ahead to the Spring Semester, remembering that their are key outcomes unique to each part of the calendar year.

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