Mar 17, 2017


Complementing vs. Competition

Secrets to Leading a Thriving College Ministry in a Thriving Church


Churches with multiple ministries face tension in how to allocate their limited resources. In this video, three college pastors have an honest discussion about the forms these challenges can take, and offer some advice on how to navigate them in a way that glorifies Christ, blesses His church, and expands His Kingdom.


Aaron Rodgers (Grand Avenue – Fort Smith, AR)

George Jacobus (Central Baptist – College Station, TX)

Dave Turner (Summit Church – Raleigh, NC)

Key Points:

  • Avoid the silo. Recognize and celebrate the importance and contributions of other ministries in the church.
  • Remember that the enemy is not other staff members or ministries in our church. Be a peacemaker
  • Your identity first is not “pastor” or “leader” it is “Child of God.”
  • Serve your senior pastor well by understanding what is important to him, and setting the vision for your college ministry accordingly.

Questions to consider:

  • How well does your ministry’s vision align with that of the senior pastor?
  • When tensions arise between staff members, in what ways can you be a peacemaker?
  • In what ways can you integrate the students in your college ministry into the life of the church as a whole?

about the author

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron is the College Pastor at Grand Avenue Baptist Church in Fort Smith, AR. He and his wife, Kristen Rodgers, have been married for seven years. They have a son, Korben, and a daughter named, Klaire. Aaron is deeply committed to seeing generations of students know Christ, connect to the local church, have a love for God's Word, live on mission, and begin discipling themselves.

about the author

Dave Turner

Dave serves as the College Pastor at the Summit Church RDU. Dave’s primary goal in life is to know Christ more deeply each day and help others to as well…in hopes that they would all be “disciples who make disciples”.

about the author

George Jacobus

George is the College Minister at Central Baptist Church, College Station, Texas.