Apr 30, 2014


The Cost to Plant: How Much Funding Do You Need to Start a Collegiate Church?

One of the biggest challenges when planting a new church is having the funding and other resources to get started. In this roundtable from the Oakland Collaborative, Chad Frank (h2o Kent) talks with John Drage (The Rock, Columbia) and Robert Stephens (Aletheia, College Park) about exactly what to consider when it comes to planning the financial side of launching a collegiate church.


Chad Frank (Pastor – h2o Kent – Kent, OH)
John Drage (Pastor – The Rock Campus Church – Columbia, MO)
Robert Stephens (Church Planter – Aletheia College Park – College Park, MD)

Key Points:

  • Seek help from others when trying to set your budget instead of doing it alone. Other planters, sending churches, and niche experts have experience and insights that can help get you in the right ballpark.
  • How to handle salaries for a planter and staff should be a primary consideration for any new ministry.
  • It is important to establish financial accountability, via an elder board or similar, from the outset of a planting endeavor.
  • Seek a variety of supporters (individuals, churches, networks, etc.) to partner with you along the way.

Questions to consider:

  • How much should I make as a church planter, ministry leader, or staff member?
  • What will it cost for us to do ministry in this context?
  • What accountability measures are in place for my ministry to assure financial integrity and wisdom?
  • Who should we consider approaching to help support our ministry as financial partners?

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