Feb 17, 2017


Golden Opportunities for College Ministry Amid Culture Shifts on Campus



In the midst of an ever-changing culture in the world and on the campus, leaders are faced with difficult choices. In this video, two experts on the topic discuss what the posture of the Christian leader should be and the incredible opportunities for ministry that this culture shifts it presents.


Steve Lutz (Calvary Church – State College, PA)

Jeff Dodge (Cornerstone – Ames, IA)

Key Points:

  • Culture is always changing and the college campus is often on the leading edge of these shifts.
  • The emerging generation longs for impact through causes of justice and mercy, and for intimacy through deep community.
  • Social networking may have contributed to a greater degree of polarization and narcissism than in previous generations.
  • The Christian leader should be aware of the changing culture not to fearfully distance themselves, but to engage with wisdom and sound doctrine adorned with good works.

Questions to consider:

  • Can you identify three positive opportunities that are a result of the current culture on your campus?
  • Can you identify three opportunities to intersect brokenness in the current culture on your campus?

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about the author

Jeff Dodge

Jeff Dodge serves as a Teaching Pastor at Cornerstone Church in Ames, IA. He is also Director of the Cornerstone School of Theology.

about the author

Steve Lutz

Steve Lutz is the lead pastor of Wellspring Church in State College, PA Penn State University. He is also the author of two books, King of the Campus (2013) and College Ministry in a Post-Christian Culture (2011). He frequently speaks and writes on college ministry-related issues, and consults with college ministries across the country.

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Amy Dutton

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