Aug 15, 2016


Death by Disconnection – Translating Freshman Contacts into Freshman Core

Freshman contacts are key to campus ministry. Freshmen know everyone and are ready to start new friendships. As a campus ministry it can be a tricky transition to get these students moved from the initial meeting to the core group where you can disciple them and train them up as leaders. In this set of video monologues several on-campus ministry leaders share the ways they have successfully translated Freshman Contacts into Freshman Core.

Mark Vance (Salt Company – Ames, IA)

Jessica Dahl (Resonate Church – Ellensburg, WA)

Ronnie Goble (H2O Church – Bowling Green, OH)

Key Points:
  • Two stages for making the transition: Make you ministry sticky and encourage Contribution not Consumerism.
  • Relationships with freshman are not incidental, not immediate, and they happen through relentless invitation.
  • There are three types of freshman contacts: The ones that are looking for you already when they arrive on campus. The students who are not looking, but would be interested in a friendship, and those who are not interested… at all.  
  • These ministry leaders have found the one of the most effective ways to reach freshman is to raise up student leaders in the different groups and living communities, teaching and equipping them to live on mission.
Questions to consider:
  • In what ways do you cultivate a sticky ministry and in where do you see students slip through the cracks?
  • Jessica Dahl talks about the relentless invitation, how long do you pursue your freshman contacts before you give up on them?
  • How do you identify the different types of students that arrive on campus? And what types of event do you use to attract them?
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