Feb 08, 2016



Is the University the Most Strategic Mission Field in the World?

Is the college campus the most strategic mission field in the world? Strategic minds from many perspectives discuss the eternal potential that the college campus holds.



Brian Frye (Collegiate Strategist – NAMB)

Ed Kang (Lead Pastor – Gracepoint Church – Berkeley, CA)

Steve Lutz (Pastor – Calvary Baptist Church – State College, PA)


Key Points:
  • Key things to consider about college students: Who they are. When they are. Where they are.
  • Studies show that one of the two most influenceable times in a person’s life is 18-22 years of age. We have the opportunity to influence the top 1% of 18-22 year olds in the entire world.
  • College students are culturally upstream. What happens on the campus influences the rest of the world as students naturally scatter after graduation.
  • Many churches struggle with college ministry because it seems like a big investment of time and money for a population that is only there for 4-5 years and is perceived to be “flaky.” However, the eternal return on investment is immeasurably great.
  • A collegiate focused church can teach students about, and foster a love for the local church, so that when they leave they are capable and Gospel-centered adults that can benefit church bodies wherever they end up. Others may choose to stay and pour into the classes below them.


Questions to consider:
  • How is your ministry maintaining focus on intentionally reaching college students?
  • Are you helping set a trajectory for them that is eternal in purpose?
  • What role are you playing in winning the campus – the whole campus?
  • What have you seen happen when you engage students in the Gospel?

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