Jun 02, 2016


Episode 102: Spiritual Friendship

Evangelism Through Relationship

Today Erik Dunkin joins us to talk about how Prairie Lakes Church encourages relationship based evangelism within their college ministry. Erik talks about the Journey to Spiritual Friendship tool that Prairie Lakes has developed that can be applied to any stage of a relationship with a non-christian. Erik Dunkin is the college pastor at Prairie Lakes Church in Iowa .

Erik Dunkin // College Pastor at Prairie Lakes Church // @ErikDunkin

Notable Points:
  • The Journey to Spiritual Friendship is a tool that guides students in how to invite/invest/talk with people in their life. (1:10-1:30)
  • Evangelism can feel very awkward or it can feel very natural.
  • Evangelism is far less awkward when it is based within deeper relationships
  • The first key is an invitation to friendship.
  • The second key moment is an invitation to investigating Jesus.
  • This is a grid that can be put on top of any relationship within your life.
  • For this to work you must have both Christian truth and Christian community.
  • This tool helps students to realize that they can talk about the Gospel and spirituality with their non-christian friends.
Free Resource Download:

The Journey To Spiritual Friendship

Links we talked about:

Prairie Lakes Church Home Page

Recommended Books:

Master Plan Evangelism (Robert Coleman)

Gospel Personal Evangelism (Mark Dever)

Space at the table (Brad Harper)

You are what you love (James K. A. Smith)

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Erik Dunkin

Erik is a Badger at heart, with his undergrad degree from the University of Wisconsin in Madison; and is also an alumni of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School outside Chicago, where he got his MDiv. He’s previously been on staff with The Navigators, and is now the College Pastor at Prairie Lakes Church with theRiver College Ministry, which primarily serves the University of Northern Iowa.

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