Jun 23, 2016


Episode 105: Evangelism Training

How to share the gospel on campus

Today, Gary and Putti join us to talk about how to teach students how to share the gospel in an effective way on campus. Gary and Putti are the director and associate director of the University of Texas Arlington Baptist Student Ministry.

Gary Stidham// Director for UTA BSM// @gary_stidham

Putti Sok // Associate Director for UTA BSM //@puttisok

Notable Points:

  • Evangelism training on campus at UT Arlington (1:30-4:00)
    • Training occurs on campus during the middle of the day around noon and.
    • Training lasts for about an hour and then they go out and practice what they have learned.
    • Training includes anything from starting the conversation to asking key questions and apologetics.
  • The training is more classroom and lecture formatted and focuses on on different aspect of sharing the gospel (4:45-10:10)
    • The practical portion comes when the students get to actually go out to campus. ┬áThis really helps boost student confidence.
    • Frequency helps to build skill and boldness.
  • Focusing on evangelism within groups and the church helps to change the culture as a whole and evangelism becomes the norm (10:15-11:30).
  • Students have shown to be able to reproduce this after graduation and into their careers (14:30-.17:00)
  • Always are up front about talking about their spiritual life.
    • Use several different tools: SALT acronym (Start conversation, Ask questions, listen to answers, and tell them about Jesus), Bridge illustration, and Cru Knowing God booklet

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about the author

Gary Stidham

Gary is the director of the Baptist Student Ministry at the University of Texas - Arlington. He and his wife Teresa have two sons.