Jul 07, 2016


Episode 107: Post-Grad Ministry

How Art Can Be Used to Reach the Culture

Today, Leigh Ann joins us to talk about Transform Arts and how to influence the artistic community in their post grad work. Leigh Ann is the director of a ministry called Transform Arts and has been with Cru for over 30 years.

Leigh Ann Dull// Director for Transform Arts//

Notable Points:

  • Transform is a community of artists who wrestle with the questions of culture, art, and spirituality.  Then from this to inspire them to create so they can interact with the current culture.  (1:00-2:00)
  • Artists after graduation from college often do residences to help develop them in their career. (2:30-7:30)
    • Transform does this, but with a missional focus within performing and visual arts.
    • Works on four areas: excellence in their field, leadership development, growing in faith, and civic development.
  • Many artists need to be wholistically developed so they can have the opportunity and ability to share the gospel through their art.
  • Art impacts culture and therefore we must reach out to artists to help have an impact upon the culture. (16:00)
  • The end goal is not the art, but the impact it has or the conversation it starts (but this is left up to the artist, but what God ultimately uses it for).
  • We must look to the big picture and the students abilities past undergrad and equip them for that time. (26:00)

Recommended Books

We Can’t Teach What We Don’t Know (Gary R. Howard)

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about the author

Leigh Ann Dull

Leigh Ann Dull directs Transform Arts, a ministry of CRU. She started w/Transform in NYC. It has expanded to Kansas City, where she now resides, Dallas, Tx., Orlando, Fl., and beyond. She has been with cru for 29 years. Her background is in clay (ceramics) and jewelry. She has been an advocate for the arts and the artist, working directly in the arts for 14 years. Transform has Artist Residency programs in various locations.