Sep 22, 2016


Episode 118: Harnessing Recruitment Culture

The Power of Gospel Appointments

Paul Worcester founded Challenge at Chico State in 2009 with his wife Christy.  Paul and Christy have seen over 300 students come to Christ in their time at Chico State.  Paul joins us today to talk about a tool that can help share the gospel with students, and teach students how to share the gospel.

Paul Worcester // Director of Challenge at Chico State  // @PaulWorcester

Notable Points:

  • Goal is to connect with as many college students as possible and get the staff to make as many “Gospel Appointments” as possible.
    • Make this a goal for all of your staff members.
  • Use the thirty second survey to connect with students and potential get contact info.
    • People most often are searching for friendships at college and inviting them to hang out and talk is appealing..
  • Gospel Appointments
    • At events that are already happening with the ministry they talk to students and ask them to meet up at another time and share the gospel.
    • Sometimes it’s awkward, but it is the most loving thing you can do.
    • These are an opportunity to disciple people and teach students how to share the gospel.
    • Using a structured system is very helpful especially when teaching people who are new.

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about the author

Paul Worcester

Paul and his wife Christy planted Christian Challenge at California State University, Chico from scratch. Since then hundreds of students have indicated decisions to become followers of Jesus, with many growing as disciples and learning to multiply their faith. Paul is the author of "Tips for Starting a College Ministry." He has a a passion for equipping and encouraging fellow collegiate leaders to make disciples on campus through his writing, speaking, consulting and social media. Paul and Christy have two children. Paul loves to surf and play other sports when possible.