Sep 29, 2016


Episode 119: Why Addition Stinks and Multiplication Rocks

4 Big Steps to Growth

Dave Rhodes and Scott Kindig are both pastors at the Grace Family of Churches in Georgia. Today Dave and Scott join us to discuss how we take ministries from simply adding to multiplication and having an impact versus an influence.

Dave Rhodes // Pastor of Adults and Kingdom Initiatives  // @dave_rhodes

Scott Kindig // Executive Pastor // @scottkindig

Notable Points:

  • Multiplication is vital and it is even mentioned in the first chapter of Genesis.
    • If Multiplication is physically possible then it must also be spiritually possible..
  • Addition doesn’t fulfill the Great Commission and should not be normative of our church culture.
    • Addition ministries should assist our multiplication ministries.
  • You must multiply the number of leaders who can carry the load that you can.
    • Your offspring adding offspring: your kids having kids.
      • This needs to be examined on every level, which will push you from influence to an impact.
  • Breakthrough is just as important as when you are there as when you are not there.
  • You must find out what you want to multiply before you start to multiply.
  • The four types of church cultures
    • Division: infighting within the church
    • Subtraction: people leaving the church
    • Addition: bringing in new people to the church
    • Multiplication: going out and doing ministry to replicate yourself into others.
  • Four steps for multiplication:
    • Start small: to get everyone we have to get someone
      • Jesus started with the three and the twelve.
    • Give it time: you won’t see the payoff immediately
      • Potentially not until the third generation.  This may have some backlash in the beginning.
      • Sometimes you may go through a season of subtraction in order to get to multiplication.
    • You must invest in leaders: let the leaders take some ownership and carry the vision.
      • We are not looking solely for volunteers, but others who share the vision and have their own dreams and visions.
      • Investing in those who are younger is easier because they have less gaps taught to them.
      • Invest in people who have a desire to impact others.
    • Let it go: release the leaders that you develop.
      • This will probably be the hardest step.  Before we let people go out we must make it clear that they have some freedoms and identify your core DNA.
      • This is the ultimate goal of all discipleship.

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