Oct 06, 2016


Episode 120: Successful Succession

Developing A Plan For Replacing Yourself

Rick Duncan is the founder of Cuyahoga Valley Church and has served as pastor there for 30 years.  Rick is currently in the process of bringing in someone to succeed his role and joins us to talk about his experiences with succession.

Rick Duncan // Founding Pastor & Pastor of Missional Living and Leadership Development // @richardduncan

Notable Points:

  • If you really want to be successful your organization must be a success without you.
    • We cannot only replace ourselves we must reproduce ourselves.
  • Things to keep in mind with succession
    • You must be secure enough in Christ to realize that the organization doesn’t need me to succeed (John 3:30)
    • If you are abiding in Christ then your influence will grow even if you are not in a large leadership position.
    • Keep the process of bringing in your successor gradually.
      • Have them turn over their responsibilities first before bringing them into your responsibilities.
    • Keep the dialogue open of what makes the transition easier for both people involved.
  • Keep the elders or anyone else in leadership above the position up to date with where the transition is.

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about the author

Rick Duncan

After graduation from Vanderbilt University (B.A.—Religions Studies, 1975) and Mid-America Seminary, Memphis, Tennessee, M. Div. (1986), Rick and his wife Maryanne relocated to Ohio to pursue their passion to plant a new church that would reach the unchurched. Under Rick’s leadership, CVC has grown into a church family passionate about inviting people to new life in Christ. Rick often exhorts CVCers to see themselves as missionaries cleverly disguised… who want to go to heaven and take as many people with them as they possibly can. He and Maryanne were married in October 1976 and have three sons, Alan (1981), married to Joanna in 2006, Ryan (1987) and Evan (1993) and two grandsons, Ethan, born 12/25/2010 and Caleb born 11/25/2014.