Oct 13, 2016


Episode 122: Pathways to Alumni Investment

Raising Funds From Your Alumni Family

Mark Vance is currently director of Salt Company in Ames Iowa.  He has been serving as director since 2012.  Today Mark joins us to talk about how to get alumni to invest in your ministry.

Mark Vance // Director of Salt Company // @markavance

Notable Points:

  • It is biblical to fund raise.
    • Paul fund raised for his ministry and Jesus also fund raised for his ministry.
    • Always be fund raising.  Always think of ways the things you are already are doing can help with your fundraising.
  • It is important that your members realize the financial need of your ministry.
  • Ask your graduating seniors to give to your ministry.
    • Remind them that where your treasure lies your heart is also.
  • Follow up on people who commit to give.
    • Example: use commitment cards and follow up on people who have committed for the past couple years.
  • Social Media can be used to help keep in contact with people who are giving.
    • Email videos of events to people who give.
    • Post on social media about your event and what you are doing often.

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about the author

Mark Vance

Since 2012, Mark has helped to lead Salt Company, the college ministry of Cornerstone Church in Ames, IA. The Salt Company is one of the largest student ministries in the country, with an average of over 1200 students attending their weekly Thursday night Bible study. Prior to leading Salt, Mark served on pastoral staff at Saylorville Church for six years. Mark is married to Crystal and they have three children: Owen, Avery, and Reid. Mark loves reading, sports, and laughter.