Oct 20, 2016


Episode 121: The H2O Story

How A Church Becomes A Network

Bryan Wiles and Matt Pardi are both pastors in the H2O Church Network in northwest Ohio.  Today Matt and Bryan join us to talk about the H2O Culture and church planting turns into a network.

Matt Pardi // Director H2O Church Network & Pastor at H2O Toledo // @mattpardi

Bryan Wiles // Pastor H2O Bowling Green // @bryanwiles

Notable Points:

  • If you don’t keep your focus on college students then you will become a community church.
  • Staying closer together physically allows you to build synergy and build a movement.
    • Keeping a similar name within church plants helps contribute to the network culture.
  • The H2O Culture
    • Setting a high bar or standard in what you are looking for at all levels of leadership.
      • This starts with telling students about the high expectations from the beginning.
    • Live as a family on mission.
      • Send a team not a lone ranger on a church plant.  This helps continue the family aspect that has already been established.
    • Be gritty.
      • Don’t build your team on super stars, but rather people who are willing to do the day to day work of college ministry.
        • This is hard work, it takes commitment.
    • Share the sacrifice.
      • Commit to do the work together and share resources.
      • Ministry is painful and difficult.  Sacrifice helps to show others what be missional is all about.
    • Have a replace yourself mentality.
      • Having a majority of college students forces you to continually raise up leaders.

Recommended Books

Planting Missional Churches (Ed Stetzer)

Center Church (Tim Keller)

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about the author

Bryan Wiles

Bryan lives in Bowling Green, Ohio with his wife Sarah and three kids. He serves as a pastor at H2O Church Bowling Green and H2O Akron (www.h2ochurch.com). He first joined H2O as a student in 1998 and witnessed first hand the power of living life on mission for Jesus. He is passionate about raising up leaders, planting churches, and reaching college students with the gospel.

about the author

Matt Pardi

My favorite part about being on staff with H2O is the opportunity to work with tomorrow's leaders who are passionate about serving Christ. That never gets old!