Nov 10, 2016


Episode 125: The Para-Church Predicament

Tension Between the Church and Para-Church

Today Dr. Gregg Allison joins us to talk about the relationship between para-church and the church and how they can work together to help reach people for the gospel. Dr. Allison is currently a Professor of Christian Theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  He is also the author of several books and was served with Cru for 18 years.  

Dr. Gregg Allison // Professor of Christian Theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary  //

Notable Points:

  • There is more to living for Christ than basic bible studies and discipleship.  The church is vitally important.
  • Para-church ministries often engage in areas that the church may not be as adept at.
    • Para-churches are often key in raising up leaders in the next generation.
  • Have you considered partnering with a para-church ministry?
    • Partnering can help build your church into a multi-generational church.
  • Para-church ministries need to understand that Jesus died for the church and that God’s plan is for churches to be the primary vehicle.
    • Realize that churches are messy and do have problems despite this love the church.
      • The church is Jesus’ bride we need to link arms.
  • What happens if we don’t work together and one is eliminated?
    • Paul partnered with churches in order to do his missions work that the local church could not do.
    • Nothing good can come from losing one party.
    • Para-churches help bring new life to the church and have been involved in large movements throughout church history.
  • We need to view our mission field as just that an area where many people have not met Jesus or need discipled.
    • There is an enormous amount of people who need engaged by a ministry.
    • Infighting between churches and parachurches is playing into what the enemy wants.
  • Don’t let your ministry’s success be based on numbers.

Links We Talked About

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about the author

Greg Allison

Greg Allison has 18 years of ministry experience as a staff member of Campus Crusade (Cru), where he worked in campus ministry, as well as serving as a missionary to Italy and Switzerland. He is Professor of Christian Theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.