Nov 17, 2016


Episode 126: Reading It Right

A Simple Process For Daily Bible Study

Andy Addis joins us today to talk about how using a simple method can change your church into a group of disciples who can feed themselves spiritually.  Andy currently serves as a pastor at Crosspoint Church and is the author of Reading it Right.

Andy Addis // Author and Pastor at Crosspoint Church  // @andyaddis

Notable Points:

  • Making disciples is simple you must read, pray, and learn to grow.
  • Personal bible study will keep your church members on track.
    • Self feeding is very important this transforms them into an army of leaders.
    • Everything branches off of this.
  • Without a discipleship process defines what it means to be a disciple in your church (refer to link below).
    • The pastors can not always care for everyone especially if the ratio of staff to members is high.
  • 2 Timothy 3:16-17
    • This tells us that all scripture can be used for teaching, reproof, correction, and training.
  • Summarize: distill it down to the main points
  • Expose: shows you what is wrong in your life
  • Correction: how can I change sin in my life to holiness
  • Training: prepares you for something in your life
  • Using this method of study allows anyone to be able to grow because anyone can do it and there are no limitations regarding finances compared to other methods.

Links We Talked About

Crosspoint Home

Andy Addis Home

Crosspoint Discipleship Pathway

Reading it Right Home (all of their additional resources are available here)

Reading it Right Card

Recommended Books

Rediscovering Discipleship (Robby Gallaty)

The Emotionally Healthy Leader (Peter Scazzero)

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about the author

Andy Addis

Andy is the pastor of a thriving Multi-site congregation based out of Hutchinson, Kansas (CrossPoint Church). In 12 years this church has grown from 120 to 3000 and added multiple locations throughout the state.