Dec 22, 2016


Episode 131: The Senior Exit Talk

Guiding Graduates To Strategic Destinations

Today, Dave Turner joins us to talk about getting recent graduates involved in church planting and the great commission.  This senior exit talk serves to guiding graduates to strategic destinations around the world for the mission of God. Dave is currently the College Pastor at Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina.

Dave Turner // College Pastor at Summit Church// @DAVE_TURNER_

Notable Points:

  • Have the mentality that college graduates aren’t often tied down by expectations and families.
    • They have a unique ability to join church plants locally and around the country to fulfill the great commission.
    • You may even ask some to go international and become missionaries.
  • This all starts freshman year and putting the great commission and church planting in the DNA of your teaching and groups
    • Give them specifics of what it looks like to be a disciple who makes disciples.
    • Show them what it’s like to be a part of God’s mission and glory.
      • Break this down even further to how this looks with their specific set of skills and talents.
  • The harvest is plentiful and the need is great everywhere.
  • Giving students leadership and discipleship opportunities is important.
    • This really grows students in skill level and passion for ministry.
  • Take advantage of summer programs these are great opportunities for people to grow and learn.
    • This can give them an idea of international or international need and opportunities.
  • Intentionally and continually work this through your entire college program.
    • Equip those who want to go on the plants with training.

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about the author

Dave Turner

Dave serves as the College Pastor at the Summit Church RDU. Dave’s primary goal in life is to know Christ more deeply each day and help others to as well…in hopes that they would all be “disciples who make disciples”.