Jan 12, 2017


Episode 134: Church Planting Problems

When Your Team Says No

Today, Chad Frank and Matt Pardi join us to talk about their church planting problems and how to create buy in when your staff team initially says no to planting. Chad Frank has been involved in several church plants within the H2O Church Network including Akron and Kent State.  Matt Pardi is director of the H2O Church Network, which currently has planted 10 churches.

Chad Frank // Pastor h2o Akron // @chadtfrank

Matt Pardi // Director of the h2o Network and Pastor of h2o Toledo //

Notable Points:

  • Realize that the reaction may not be all excitement and everyone getting behind your vision.
    • This does hurt and is a difficult thing to deal with.
    • Be patient with people and their input.  Their input might be rational and helpful with planting the church.
  • Church planting is not easy, but it is worth it and will grow you.
  • Things to think about
    • Ask: is it time for me to step out in faith and grow?
    • Can you get a third party involved to add some objectivity.
    • Ask: am I wired to do this?
    • Walk through the questions people have and continue to have open communication.
    • Do you have the manpower to make it happen?
    • Do you have the money to plant the church?
      • But also trust God to provide if this is what He has called you to.

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