Feb 09, 2017


Episode 138: The Audacious Vision of 21×21

Multiplication In Church Planting

Today, Keith Wieser, Craig Lovelace, and Chris Routen join us to talk about their Audacious Vision called 21×21 and about how vision affects culture. Wieser, Lovelace, and Routen are a part of Resonate Church. Resonate is one church with five sites on college campuses in the Northwest which is passionate about planting churches.  

Keith Wieser // Lead Pastor Resonate Church  // @keithwieser

Craig Lovelace // East Washington Site Pastor // @craigmlove

Chris Routen // University of Oregon Site Pastor // @chrisrouten

Notable Points:

  • 21×21: trying to plant 21 churches on 21 college campuses by 2021
  • Does our methodology fit our theology:
    • If we believe that the gospel is so powerful are we really acting that way.
    • What are we doing to make disciples that make disciples.
  • We should plant churches that are going to eventually plant churches.
    • Allowing students to be introduced into church plants help to produce culture.
      • Have students multiply themselves as students.  This is how you teach them to eventually become church planters.
  • Do we ask students to pray about church planting and being staff members in the future.
  • As leaders we need to be looking at our students and being able evaluate their abilities and cast vision.
    • Don’t let your leaders set the bar low.
    • Within college there is a paradigm that students are not ready to do big things or they have to wait to start their life.
    • Help students to understand that God throughout history has used young people and college students.
  • Young students may not have experience, so keep them close so you can help teach them.
  • What would it look like if you identified 5-10 leaders who are freshman and laid out a vision for planting?

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about the author

Chris Routen

Chris was introduced to Resonate while at Washington State University. He eventually felt God calling him to serve full time and is now the Site Pastor at the University of Oregon.

about the author

Craig Lovelace

Craig Lovelace started attending Resonate his freshman year at Idaho University. Craig started his relationship with Jesus at Resonate and caught the vision of planting churches. Craig is currently the Site Pastor at East Washington University.

about the author

Keith Wieser

Keith is the lead pastor of Resonate Church, a collegiate church reaching campuses across the Northwest.

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