Mar 16, 2017


Episode 143: Raising Them Right

Preparing Students For Overseas Missions

Today, Jack Smith and Kendra Gustafson join us to talk about four keys to prepare for an overseas missions trip with students.  

Jack Smith // Student Worker in Southeast Asia //

Kendra Gustafson// Associate Director Salt Company //

Notable Points:

  • 4 Things to prepare students for overseas missions
    • Lay a foundation for their life as the Gospel being the center of everything.
      • This starts in the states with a proper understanding of Jesus.
    • Cross-cultural servanthood
      • Students need to understand that they are learners and submit themselves to what the locals are saying
      • Share the gospel
      • Don’t act ethnocentrically
      • Listen to what God is already doing in the lives of those you are sharing with
    • Team Dynamics
      • Send a team, let them get to know each other before they go.
      • Chemistry makes or breaks the summer trip
      • Consider having an overnight portion to the preparation
    • Students need to be prepared to see the big picture
      • Share with them about how their contribution helps the global body of Christ and make disciples.
      • Be centered in Acts 1:8 and on the Great Commission
    • Bonus: Understand you can only prepare them so much
      • Submit to the leaders in the field
    • Bonus #2: You must be a disciple before you can disciple others
      • Are they abiding in Christ? Are they growing in maturity?
  • Would you write out what you are doing to prepare your students for missions trips and think about what you could do better?

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Kendra Gustafson

Kendra is on staff with The Salt Company, the college ministry of Cornerstone Church in Ames, Iowa. She leads in the area of identifying and equipping student leaders.