Mar 31, 2017


Episode 145: Cultivating Entrepreneurs with Will Mancini

How To Building Instead Of Borrow

Will Mancini author of Church Unique and God Dreams joins us today to talk about cultivating entrepreneurs and building ownership of ideas in your church. Will will talk about the pitfalls of primarily taking ideas from other churches and how this possibly prevents you from doing what God wants in your culture.

Will Mancini // Author, Entrepreneur, and Church Consultant //@willmancini

Notable Points:

  • God wants to do something cosmically significant, but culturally specific.
    • Often when going to churches it is identifiable what book or church another church’s culture is coming from.
  • Photocopy vision: taking vision from someone else and using it for your church.
    • The flaw with this is that the process of thinking for yourself and creating your own culture is what causes the change.
  • Ministry Treadmill
    • We get into the grind of ministry and are not creative.
  • Needs Based Slippery Slope
    • We can’t only serve needs we need serve God.
    • Jesus didn’t always heal everyone.
  • Conference Maze
    • Everyone is presenting how they do ministry and we are tempted to copy them.
  • Funnel Concept
    • Find what God wants you to do and then pursue that for the rest of your life until He calls you to something else.
    • Success can be distraction in disguise.
    • Don’t limit yourself to ministries that already exist.
  • Your first 10 years of ministry you are probably learning more than doing anything else.
  • The younger we are in ministry the more we rely on our zeal and passion.
  • More often than not we try to connect people to us rather than connect them to the vision of our ministry.
  • Don’t rely on your own talent with vision, but invite your team into it.
  • Stay vision Centered and not you centered.

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