Apr 06, 2017


Episode 146: Engaging the Campus

Reaching People Of Influence

Today, Steve Shadrach joins us to talk about how engaging the campus strategically choosing the students you pour into can turn your ministry into a movement.

Steve Shadrach // Executive Director for Mission Mobilization, Founder of Support Raising Solutions, and author //@SteveShadrach

Notable Points:

  • 3 Categories of Students
    • The influencers: people who have a strong network of relationships
    • Interested People: have potential and are good contributors, but are mostly followers
    • Isolated: people who do not have many relationships more loner type of person
  • Typically the “person of peace” is an influencer in the area
  • People typically already are in affinity groups or social groups of some sort.
    • If you find the most influential group out of all the groups and are in that group you can start a movement.
  • Build trust points with the students to cultivate the relationships
    • Do life together and build the friendship naturally.
  • You can start with people who are not Christians.
    • This gives you a clean slate to teach them about Jesus.
    • Affection: the friendship is natural and you like each other.
    • Direction: Where do you want to take the relationship
  • How do you initially build the relationship?
    • Shadrach does a president’s group/club, where they study leadership and build friendships.
    • Find people you like from this group.
      • It is just easier to build a movement when your core group is full of people who are close relationally.

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about the author

Steve Shadrach

Steve is the executive director of the Center for Mission Mobilization and founder of Student Mobilization. He is the author of several books, including The Fuel and the Flame: Ten Keys to Ignite Your Campus for Jesus Christ.