Apr 13, 2017


Episode 147: Developing Leaders on Campus

Creating Movements With Influencers

Today, Steve Shadrach join us to talk about how to focus your ministry and how developing leaders leads to more impact from students.

Steve Shadrach // Executive Director for Mission Mobilization, Founder of Support Raising Solutions, and author //@SteveShadrach

Notable Points:

  • Think about starting your ministries with nonchristians.
    • When you start with nonchristians they will follow your example rather than any habits they have from before.
    • Most campus movements that have taken off start like this.
  • Find people who like each other and enjoy each other.
  • Help students fight pornography.
    • The usage of smartphones have made it more accessible than ever.
    • This destroys you from the inside out.
  • Don’t substitute social causes for the Great Commission.
  • Most ministries are either strong in disciple making or evangelism, but not both.
    • Evangelism
    • Discipleship
    • Mission
  • View your campus as a launching pad to send people out.

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about the author

Steve Shadrach

Steve is the executive director of the Center for Mission Mobilization and founder of Student Mobilization. He is the author of several books, including The Fuel and the Flame: Ten Keys to Ignite Your Campus for Jesus Christ.