Apr 20, 2017


Episode 148: Lifeplanning

Why Every College Student Needs It

Today, David Mitchell and Luke Francis join us to talk about LifePlanning and how a process can help you to plan your life and develop action steps to find where your gifts and heart intersect.

David Mitchell // President of the Paterson Center //@dmitchelltweets

Luke Francis // Executive Pastor First Baptist Church Vandalia //@lukefrancis

Notable Points:

  • What is LifePlanning?
    • It is a process that helps individuals and organizations find the purpose that God has saved them for.
    • It is about seeing your place in God’s Story.
      • Answering big questions like why am here and things like that.
      • Then it helps you make a plan.
    • This is about pausing and zooming out to get perspective.
    • This helps you find where you are going and help develop a plan to get there.
    • This is an intensive process and helps to get clarity.
      • This walks you through difficult times and reveals your life story.
    • This helps to process things about your life that you may not have spent time thinking about.
  • What is the goal of this process?
    • To leave with clarity and focus for their life.
    • This helps break down practically what you need to do to achieve your goal.
    • The goal is to find the intersection of your talents and heart that God has given you.
  • What are the potential benefits?
    • It helps you to design a life that leverages your talents in your personal life and in your community.
    • It can help you to understand your convictions and how they have been developed through your life narrative.
    • It will help you to say yes to the right things and no to the things that don’t fit.
  • What if I can’t afford it?
    • Ask your friends about yourself.
    • Read books that make you think about your life.

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Luke Francis

My responsibilities are focused in the areas of Administration, Personnel, and Operations. Primarily, I assist in overseeing and working alongside team leaders to carry out and evaluate what they are trying to accomplish in their respective ministry areas.

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David Mitchell

David is the President of the Paterson Center. Prior to taking the lead at Paterson, David was the General Manager of a utility company. He has also worked with a Private Equity firm in New York, the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C., and taught at Eton College in England.