Apr 27, 2017


Episode 149: Intergenerational Churches

Designing churches that engage generations together

Today, Rudy Hartmann and Zach Yentzer join us to talk about engaging millennials and the importance of having intergenerational churches.

Rudy Hartmann // Church Planting Candidate: Salt Network //@HartmannRudy

Zach Yentzer // 100 Creative Cities //@ZachYentzer

Notable Points:

  • The multi generational myth.
    • Often churches target different generations with different services.
    • Ideas can be shared and mentoring can happen when different generations are together.
    • Do the generations share life together throughout the week?
      • Interaction is the important part of multigenerational model to be impactful.
  • Generational diversity is important
    • Messaging from the pastor can make a big impact in this being your church’s paradigm.
    • Churches and organizations that get the different generations to work together are the ones that make an impact.
  • Don’t put each generation into a box.
    • People want to push past their preferences to experience a different type of church.
    • Diversity creates a better expression of the church.

Links We Talked About

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Recommended Books

Creative: Designing Churches that Engage Generations Together – Zach Yentzer

The Millennials

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about the author

Rudy Hartmann

Rudy Hartmann is a church planting candidate with the Salt Company in Ames, IA. He previously served in college ministry in Tampa, FL.

about the author

Zach Yentzer

Zach Yentzer is the Curator of 100 Creative Cities. His passion is to bring together different generations to help build the Church.

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