May 18, 2017


Episode 151: Awakening The Church To College Ministry

One Of The Most Receptive Mission Fields In The World

Today, Neil Reynolds joins us to talk about the importance of college ministry and how to stay encouraged through the hard times that happen while in college ministry. He will discuss how you can take part awakening the church to college ministry.

Neil Reynolds // Director of Church of Christ Student Center Arkansas Tech //@Pk

Notable Points:

  • Many church denominations and organizations do not have a presence on many campuses.
  • People make many large decisions at the college age.
    • Religious decisions
  • New Settlements: Any place that is expanding, suburbs, new tribe etc.
    • Every Fall there are students who move to the college.
    • These people are looking for friends and for groups to belong to.
    • 25% of the campus is new every year.
  • Return Travelers: when people travel to new places they are open to new ideas
    • Between 18-23 most people form the worldview they will have for the rest of their life.
    • People in college are often very open to new perspectives and willing to talk about different issues and opinions.
  • Freedom from Control: people who are oppressed often are open to the Gospel
    • College students are leaving home and don’t have as many restrictions.
      • This can hurt students, but this can also allow students to radically change their lives for the Gospel.
  • College students are often open to hearing about the Gospel, but they are not always easy to reach.
    • PR for christians is often not very good.
    • Often times college students act upon cultural assumptions.
      • Ex: Science and Christianity are not compatible.
  • How do we stay encouraged in college ministry?
    • Stories from history of college students doing big things for God
      • Ex: Many revivals and movements are started at major universities.
    • Looking to what is next and what there is left to do.
    • Looking back at past students life change.

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about the author

Neil Reynolds

Neil is a campus minister with CCSC at Arkansas Tech. He lives in Russellville, AR with his wife Katie and their two daughters.