Jun 01, 2017


Episode 153: Creating A Personal Mission Statement

Living Intentionally and Missionally

Today, Kim Robinson joins us to talk about creating a personal mission statement for your christian walk and how this helps you to grow in Christ.

Kim Robinson // Vice President and Chief of Staff for the President //@krob4jesus

Notable Points:

  • Be very intentional about your spiritual work and write a personal mission statement about who God has called you to be in Him.
    • Be clear on what God’s purpose for you is.
  • Once you create a mission statement review it often and evaluate where you are at compared you want to be.
  • Create a present day vision of a future outcome.
    • Always state it in the present.
    • This brings attention to any shortcomings you may have.
  • Find things that are very important to your life so far and include them in your statement.
  • Use words that reflect the words that you want to travel down.

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about the author

Kim Robinson

Kim Robinson is a devoted husband to Tammy, committed Jesus follower. He is vice president of marketing and ministry support of the North American Mission Board.