Jun 29, 2017


Episode 156: Disruptive Discipleship

The Power Of Breaking Routines

Today, Sam Van Eman joins us to talk about Disruptive Discipleship and how breaking students comfort zones can help them to encounter God.

Sam Van Eman // Staff Resource Specialist at the Coalition for Christian Outreach //

Notable Points:

  • Why does breaking routine help students to encounter God?
    • When we are in unusual or difficult experiences it pushes us past their filters and comfort zone.
      • You can encounter things that you did not know you needed to work on.
  • These difficult places allow us to have insight and opportunities to disciple our students.
  • How do we make sure that these disruptions are life changing and not solely about the experience?
    • Translate: when returning help students understand what happened and help them to debrief
    • Transfer: take these insights and see where else they apply in other areas of life
    • Integration: actually do something about the translation and transfer
  • Remember not all students are the same there is no exact formula.’
  • Always invite every student to do something about their experience.
    • Possibly connect with whoever is discipling the student before and after the experience.
  • How can we get people out of their routine?
    • Remind people that godliness comes from endurance through trial.
    • Prescriptive: areas that you know you need to challenge yourself in
    • Diagnostic: trying things to help find what areas you need to grow in
    • Preparatory: knowing you can’t stay at current maturity and need to grow.

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about the author

Sam Van Eman

Sam Van Eman is a Staff Resource Specialist with the Coalition for Christian Outreach. He has been involved in campus ministry since 1998 and speaks at Christian seminars, retreats, and camps.