Jul 07, 2017


Episode 157: A Conversation On Apostolic Church Planting

Today, JD Payne joins us to talk about Apostolic church planting and how non-clergy are just as important to a church plant as charismatic leaders.

JD Payne // Pastor for Church Multiplication at The Church at Brook Hills //@jd_payne

Notable Points:

  • What is the purpose of the book?
    • To help people get back to what the Bible says about church planting.
      • In the Bible church planting is Evangelism that results in new churches.
  • There are many people that have the ability to help lead the church that are already attending churches under the apostolic model.
  • Apostolic Church Planting is about simple and reproducible methods that people who are regular church members to help with a church plant.
  • The US is home to the 3rd most unreached people groups in the world.
    • We need to understand that discipling and church multiplication is critical here in the US as well.
  • Much of the early church’s momentum came from regular people sharing the Gospel empowered by the Spirit.
  • How can this be used with college students.
    • Help students deconstruct cultural preferences and understand biblical mandates.
    • Teach them to share the Gospel with all types of students including international students.
    • Teach students to be trainers of other students.
  • Church planting should be an expectation rather than an exception.

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about the author

J.D. Payne

JD Payne is currently the Pastor for Church Multiplication at the Church at Brook Hills. Payne has pastored churches in Indiana and Kentucky and has also been a seminary professor.