Sep 07, 2017


Episode 161: Building Bridges To Commuter Students

Today, Alec Brockwell joins us to talk about how you can grow your campus ministry by reaching commuter students.

Alec Brockwell // College Staff at First Orlando Vallencia College //@alecbrockwell

Notable Points:

  • How do you engage commuter students?
    • Be a part of a church that loves college students
  • People group-big group-small group-101
    • 101 is how it’s done.
      • Discipleship is the key to growing the church.
  • The only way to get people from people group to big group is through the local church.
    • Many people at commuter colleges are lonely.
    • Host fun events with free food at the church location.
  • If we grow our leaders they will get people they know to come with them.
    • First we invite them to midweek gathering, then Sunday service, and then lifegroup.
  • Train your leaders to ask people who have come several times if they have questions or want to meet up.
  • Engel Scale
  • Know 9
    • What discipleship is, what the bible says, who God is, how to hear from God, how to organize scriptural truth, the mission of the church, evangelism, spiritual gifts, and your story
  • Don’t ask what did you learn, ask how are you going to teach this.
  • You build slow, you die slow, you build fast, you die fast

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Engel Scale

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Lost Art of Disciple-making

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Alec Brockwell

Alec Brockwell is a part of the College Staff at First Orlando for Valencia College.

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