Sep 14, 2017


Episode 163: The Silent Epidemic

Evaluating Millennials in Ministry

Today, Jessie Cruikshank joins us to talk about the Silent Epidemic and evaluating Millennials in Ministry. We will discuss Generation Z and Millennials and the key to reaching the next generation.

Jessie CruikShank // Director of leadership development, Gateway District of the

FourSquare Denomination // @yourbrainbyjess

Notable Points:

  • Millennials are not lasting in their ministry positions. Used to be 2 years but now turn over is averaging 6-9 months.This is affecting the next generation (Gen Z) which is currently in college.
    • Youth groups are falling off the map in churches potentially because of this.
  • Millennials are no longer in college they have graduated.
  • Gen Z – socially connected, believe that their lives belong to God, have values and want to live them out.
  • Leaders can develop Gen Z by:
    • Giving them space for them to lead
    • Clear expectations
    • Coaching/mentoring, Models to look up to
  • We need to give clear expectations to Gen Z and Millennials
  • Millennials and GenZ are affected by the economic crash of 2008.
    • They don’t expect things to last.
  • They don’t volunteer for mentorship, but they want it.
    • Bring people alongside you to build them up for the next generation.
    • Teach them what you currently are learning.
  • Think about legacy from the beginning.
  • They know if you are using them to gain something.
    • Try asking a question rather than posing an idea.
  • Your calling will change throughout your life.

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Jessie Cruickshank is a Foursquare minister and a demonstrated disciple-maker and facilitator of spiritual transformation. She is a nationally recognized leader in the fields of Experiential Education and Educational Neuroscience and holds a Master’s from Harvard in Mind, Brain, and Education.

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