Sep 28, 2017


Episode 164: Retention, Retention, Retention

The Benefits Of College Ministry for Universities

Today, Caleb Craft joins us to talk about retention of students and the interaction of academics, social systems, and our ministries.

Caleb Craft // Learning and Development Specialist at The Ohio State University // @caleb_a_craft

Notable Points:

  • A sense of belonging and integration into the life of campus is important for college students to retain students.
  • Tinto: theory of student retention vs attrition
    • Some students actually do leave for good reason (it doesn’t advance them towards their career etc.)
    • Sometimes things the university or organization does influence this.
  • Academic and Social systems
    • Social system: students feeling like they belong with a group of peers
    • How can we help with this?
      • Ask students how academics are going.  We often neglect asking this.
        • Help them relate academics to what it means to be a Christian.
  • Jesus cares about the whole student.
  • Around 40% of students graduate within 6 years of beginning their undergraduate program.
  • We must teach our students to love their neighbors.
  • We should think about who all is in our college ministry.
    • Is our population reflective of the school’s?
  • Make sure to be a good neighbor to your university.

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about the author

Caleb Craft

Caleb is a pastor with Newlife Church in Columbus, OH and also works in student development at Ohio State University.