Oct 10, 2017


Episode 166: Going From Leader To Planter

Leadership Pipelines with Resonate Church

Today, Keith Weiser and Craig Lovelace join us to talk about church leadership pipelines and how you can take a student from leader to planter.

Keith Weiser // Lead Pastor Resonate Church 

Craig Lovelace // Executive Director Resonate Network 

Notable Points:

  • Purpose of pipeline: to be who God wants them to be
  • Win of the pipeline: Third generation disciple (Disciple who makes Disciples)
  • Start with freshmen because if you reach freshmen you reach the world
  • Having a leadership results in:
    • A structure to create growth
    • A vision for the ministry
    • Clarity to be effective
  • A pipeline helps you stop spending time and energy on what’s not developing leaders
    Steps to developing a leadership pipeline:

    • Step 1: Take an assessment of every single thing you do as a ministry.
    • Step 2: Ask “What are our students experiencing through our ministry?”
    • Step 3: Ask “What are the competencies being developed from what we do?”
    • Step 4: Look and see if a pipeline already exists through the previous steps that you didn’t notice before.
    • Step 5: Form a pipeline based on those things being done on accident. Form it based on what rises to the top.

4-5 meetings with 4-5 different people and ask: How did you get engaged with what we do here? How did you lead yourself, how did you move to leading other people?


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about the author

Keith Wieser

Keith is the lead pastor of Resonate Church, a collegiate church reaching campuses across the Northwest.

about the author

Craig Lovelace

Craig Lovelace started attending Resonate his freshman year at Idaho University. Craig started his relationship with Jesus at Resonate and caught the vision of planting churches. Craig is currently the Site Pastor at East Washington University.