Oct 23, 2017


Episode 167: The Impact of Dawson Trotman

How It Applies To Your Ministry

Today, Doug Hankins joins us to talk about Dawson Trotman and what we can learn from his legacy and apply to our ministries.

Doug Hankins // College and Young Adults Pastor Orlando First Baptist Church //@doughankins

Notable Points:

  • Trotman helped discipleship and leadership reproduction in the U.S.
  • He is the one of the founders of the Navigators ministry.
    • The discipleship wheel.
  • Trotman was big on scripture memorization.
  • You can’t deliver a baby and then leave it.
  • One-on-one discipleship is important.
    • Men where are your men, women where are your women.
  • Emotion is no substitute for action. Action is no substitute for production.
    • We can’t just feel something or be a legalist we must make disciples.
  • Why study Trotman?
    • Trotman understood and was sold out for the Great Commission.

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about the author

Doug Hankins

Doug is the College and Young Adults Pastor at Orlando First Baptist Church