Oct 21, 2017


Episode 168: Alan Hirsch on APEST

Why College Leaders Should Know It

Today, Alan Hirsch joins us to talk about how we can make mature and complete disciples in our ministries.

Alan Hirsch // Director Forge Mission Training Network //

Notable Points:

  • What is APEST
    • Ephesians 4:1-16
    • Apostle: a person who is sent as a pioneer who is innovative and sets up a movement that is scalable
    • Prophet: challenges idolatry and shows the implications of the bible for our lives.
    • Evangelist: is the recruiter to the cause that really gets the buy in from people
    • Shepherds: those that create community and defend it
    • Teacher: the one who brings wisdom and understanding
    • All major Jesus movements have these people.
  • Equipping vs. perfect
    • These functions or individuals are vital for growing complete, mature, and full disciples.
  • We often tend to one of these areas and not others.
  • We have to change our approach in order to change our results.
  • Go back to Jesus and see if your model is in line with what He has said and that it represents Him
  • Think of America as a missionary context.

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