Oct 30, 2017


Episode 169: 4 Steps To Engaging Commuter Students

Today we are meeting with the director of the BSM at the University of Texas Arlington to talk about engaging commuter students on campus.

Gary Stidham // Director of the BSM at the University of Arlington TX

Notable Points:

  • Commuter students have different characteristics:
    1. Metro setting
    2. More Churches hard to gather a lot of college students.
    3. Christians have a high commitment to the local church and still attend home church.
    4. A lot of diversity in their context – need to mentor students build life skills. They are usually the first generation in their families to go to college.
    5. A lot of transfer students are commuter students
    6. They work other jobs along with school
  • Discipleship is key and putting students into ministry opportunities on campus.
    • The mission is spiritual multiplication
    • Develop the heart
  • The need for leadership pipelines has to be a big part of the ministry but the turnaround rate has to be faster.
  • The key to getting commuter students:
    • Get the word out, make sure people know you are there!
      • Mission trip to campus the first 10 days
    • Evangelism
      • Invite leaders and new students to start sharing their faith
  • Three things: Evangelism, Discipleship, Missions
    • Have an inviting culture and a go and tell culture
    • We need to emphasize lostness.
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Gary Stidham

Gary is the director of the Baptist Student Ministry at the University of Texas - Arlington. He and his wife Teresa have two sons.

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