Nov 20, 2017


Episode 172: Retool Your Church To Reach The Campus

City Church decided to leverage college students and began to retool their church to disciple them to be missionaries on their campus.


Alex Scott // & Hunter Leavine  //

Here are the steps they used to “retool” their church to reach the campus:

1. Develop a student leadership pipeline.

2. Identify students who were already making disciples on campus and pour gas on them…not literally.

3. Partner them up with coaches(older) who can mentor and hold them accountable.

Here are some questions to ask when beginning the process of retooling:

  • What are we building?
  • Why are we building it? (Are we building this for us or to send students out?)
  • Who is leading the charge?
  • What do we need to build this?
  • Who are we calling to this?
  • How are we going to train them?
  • What relationships do we need?
  • What are some milestones that we can celebrate?

Resources we talked about:

Designed to Lead – Geiger and Peck

about the author

Alex Scott

Alex Scott, from Fort Myers, Florida, loves all things Detroit Tigers and Michigan football. Alex began attending CITYCHURCH in 2007, volunteering on the Production Team, and in January 2011 joined the CITYCHURCH staff as Production Director. He now serves as one of the Executive Directors. Alex is a graduate of Florida State University where he studied Exercise Science. He married his wife Melissa, a nurse, in December 2011.

about the author

Hunter Leavine

Hunter grew up in Tallahassee and began attending CITYCHURCH as a high school student. He graduated from the Florida State University with a degree in writing and is currently working on his Masters degree from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is married to Hannah, loves fishing and all things southern, and could not enjoy leading college students more. His desire is to see students get connected to Christ and His Church, and become leaders of the next generation.