Nov 27, 2017


Episode 173: How To Train Your Staff In Evangelism

Today, Putti Benner joins us to talk about how to create a culture of evangelism within a staff team and how to share the gospel in an effective way on campus.

Putti Sok BennerĀ // Associate Director for UTA BSM //@puttisok

Notable Points:

  • Based on your experience, what are some reasons why a staff can drift from being engaged in frequently sharing the gospel? Have you notice this happen in your ministry? What are ways you as a team try to notice it and a just it back?
  • How has your ministry kept evangelism central to the staff culture?
  • What are specific strategies, programs, tools, or books, you have implemented to train and equip your staff team to share the gospel?
  • How does that translate to the students? What has been the fruit of keeping evangelism central to all you do?
  • What in your opinion is the first step to creating a culture of evangelism on a staff team?

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about the author

Putti Benner

Putti is a 2012 graduate of UT Arlington and a current Southwestern Seminary student. She is in her fifth year serving on BSM staff.